Belize’s QRP Program

  • 2 years ago

Belize has become one of the top places to retire due to its tropical climate and affordable cost of living. Retirees can have ongoing adventures as there is always something to do in Belize. In addition to the never-ending fun, the government has made it easier for persons over the age of 45 to retire and live in Belize with its Qualified Retirement Program (QRP).

The retirement program provides many tax benefits to prospective retirees and even allows them to engage in employment as long as business is conducted outside Belize. Read more about the QRP here!

So, how does one apply to Belize’s QRP Program?

The process is very easy and straight-forward. The application form can be found on the Belize Tourism Board’s website. Applicants must submit the completed form to the Belize Tourism Board along with the supporting documents and an application fee of $150 USD. There are then fees payable after acceptance. Applying to the program itself costs $1000 USD. If there are dependents, the fee to apply is $750 USD for each dependent. Lastly, there is a fee of $200 USD to obtain the QRP Identification Card.

The list of supporting documents include:

  • Birth Certificate(s) – for the main applicant and dependents, if any.
  • Marriage certificate – where applicable
  • Police record – as proof of a clean background. This should be completed within a month of application.
  • Passport – copy of your passport bio data page for the main applicant and dependents, if any.
  • Proof of income – this is an official bank statement which proves ongoing pension receipts.
  • Medical exam – as proof of good health for the main applicant and any dependents.
  • Photos – this includes 4 passport sized pictures of the main applicant and dependents, if any.

Your application is considered complete when all these documents are submitted. Our beautiful Belize certainly has so much to offer. The climate, consistent $2 BZD to $1 USD exchange, proximity to major US ports of entry, and laid-back lifestyle are only a few of the things that make Belize one of the most popular destinations for retirees.

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