Property Management Services

  • 2 years ago

Belize Realty and Relocation Services offers a wide array of property management services to include evaluating the property and determining an accurate rental rate, marketing the property for rent, tenant screening and selection, tenant move-in, inspections, financial, maintenance, repairs, remodeling, and tenant move out.

To assess the property and establish an appropriate rental rate, we collect data on rental rates in the neighborhood and negotiate with proprietors to establish the best rental rate. We even debate the advantages and disadvantages of different regulations with owners. When renting a property, we make sure it is neat and tidy, create customized ads, work with real estate and leasing agents to find a tenant, and field calls from potential clients for queries and viewings.

Additionally, we perform background checks on prospective tenants to verify identification, earnings, financial credibility, and rental history. We evaluate candidates based on pre-defined tenant criteria and notify applicants if they were turned down. When a tenant is found, and it is time to move in, a lease agreement is drafted. The move-in date is verified with the renter and lease regulations are reviewed with the leaseholder concerning things such as rental payment plans and required property upkeep. We then double-check that all contracts have been properly implemented and later conduct a comprehensive move-in examination with the tenant.

Tenants are to sign a report authenticating the condition of the residence before moving-in. At that point, we collect the first month’s rent and security deposit. If rent is not paid on time, we track down late payments, issue pay or quit notices, and collect late charges. Belize Realty and Relocation Services also performs periodic inspections (inside and outside) on a predefined schedule. For inspection, we look for repair needs, safety hazards, lease violations, etc., and send the owner periodic reports on the condition of the property.

When it comes to financial obligations, our company offers accounting property management services. This includes making payments on behalf of the owner, having extensive evidence of expenses via invoices and receipts, maintaining all official accounts (paid invoices, leases, inspection reports, warranties, etc.), providing yearly reporting on your account. In terms of upkeep, renovations, and redecorating, we establish a routine maintenance policy to identify and address repair needs, provide a group of certified and properly insured contractors who have been reviewed and approved for fair pricing and up-to-code work, and allocate jobs to various parties based on who will do the best possible job for the right price.

When a tenant moves out, we examine the unit, and fill out a survey on the property’s condition, include a copy to the tenant as well as approximate impacts, return the balance of the down payment to the tenant and forward any fraction of the owner’s portion of the renter’s deposit to the owner or hold in owner reserves for maintenance. The unit is then cleaned, and necessary renovations or improvements are done. Subsequently, we re-key the doors, and re-list the property for rent. With Belize Realty and Relocation Services, property management has never been easier!

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